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Agriturismo Cà Bianca

loc. Ostia Parmense, 24 43040 Borgotaro (PR)
tel. 0525 98 213
fax. 0525 98 003

Let me introduce myself:
I’m Graziella and together with my husband Mauro and our two children and my parents, we’ve created Ca’Bianca Agritourism.

Now, if you read on, I’ll bore you with some chat…just let me get on with it because I really want to and am proud of what we’ve all made together.

Agriturismo Cà Bianca
Agriturismo Cà Bianca

Our farm is situated in the area of Ostia Parmense at about 400 m above sea level and only 5 km from Valtaro’s main town, Borgotaro. We are on the left of the River Taro where it meets with the Cogena Torrent, one of the best areas for gathering porcini mushrooms and recognised at European level (registered mushroom zone IGP i.e. protected geographical area).

The farm consists of various plots of different types of land with different characteristics. We grow fodder and cereals on our cultivated land, which we then use to feed our saddle horses as well as a variety of farmyard animals. The wheat and maize crops are used to make bread and polenta. We also have many friends who raise all kinds of produce: when our own runs out, we use theirs as our larder.

There is also a large orchard with apples, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, almonds, hazelnuts, figs and persimmons. Chestnuts of excellent quality can be gathered in the many woods belonging to the farm.

Our Agritourism farm has seven completely independent rooms available, each with its own bathroom. One room has facilities for the disabled and there is TV in every room. An equipped games room is available as well as a billiard room, another with satellite TV and a well-stocked library. You won’t be needing any of these though because exploring the Valtaro countryside won’t leave you time. You can go horse riding or walking in the magnificent woods, take trips on mountain-bikes or go canoeing or fishing in the rivers or the many lakes in the area.

For mountain “professionals” or open-air sports people, there are a vast number of signposted CAI ramblers’ tracks that are linked to the “Great Apennine Hikes”. You can also follow the tracks of the Parma Apennines’ Equestrian Way and the Francigena Way, obviously accompanied by Mauro (official ANTE guide for the National Association of Equestrian Tourism).

Last but not least, the food. Everything is based on typical local products, many of which are grown and gathered on the farm itself. We have studied in depth the history and methods for preparing the many unique dishes of excellent quality that this rich land has to offer.

Agriturismo “A Fondega”

Loc.Cerosa, 12
43059 Santa Maria Del Taro – Tornolo
Tel: 0525 80204
Fax: 0525 80204

The Agriturismo “A Fondega” is composed by eight rustic furnished cosy rooms.

Each room represents a different type of flower and it is a double room with an additional small bed for families. Rooms all have a TV sat and a private bathroom.

The furniture, the floor in terracotta tiles and the thick walls make the environment homely and fresh even during the hottest months of the year.


* Restaurant available by reservation

* Breakfast

* Daily room service

* Tourist information about local attractions and itineraries

* Disabled access

* Heating system

* Children playing areas

* Typical products

The agritourism, thanks to its comfortable and homely rooms, its typical plain cuisine and courtesy will make your holiday special and unforgettable.

Restaurant Il Bacher

Restaurant Il Bacher
Fraz. Valbona – Loc. Cattaia, 63 43042 Berceto (PR)
Closing day: Wednesday (always opened in summer)
120 places
Tel. (+39) 0525 62 90 93
Fax (+ 39) 0525 62 95 68

The restaurant is located in Berceto, in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and halfway between La Spezia and Parma, in a little chestnut wood where stands a well-rebuilt rural home.

Antonio D’Addetta, who was father and grandfather of the current owners, had the dream to see his family close in an activity which could make his children work together with enthusiasm and live in Berceto. Therefore, additionally to his earth-moving activity where his sons work, he bought the Bacher rural home some years ago with the idea that his daughters and grandchildren could make it into a restaurant for tasting typical local food made of genuine products according to the traditional recipes.

The Bacher rural home was a farm house which between the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century was occupied by an Austrian family named Bacher. Ever since, local old people started naming the locality with that family’s surname. At that time, the fields were planted with wheat, hay and there were several vegetable gardens and fruit trees, everything that was necessary for the subsistence of the farm family and its animals. There was also a stable which nowadays corresponds to the restaurant bar and a hay loft (the downstairs dining room). The areas of the restaurant where there is the kitchen, the refrigerating rooms, the wine cellar, the area for preparation of the egg pasta  and the warehouse have been subsequently created. The slate roof, the beams and the outside walls are original and have been restructured over the years by Antonio D’Addetta’s sons. Everything in this restaurant have been meticulously adapted in order to represent the excellence within this territory.

The restaurant was opened in 2004 and in 2009 was awarded as restaurant of the year from the Accademia Italiana Gastronomia Storica (Italian Historic Gastronomy Academy). It is a family-run restaurant, Alessandra and Giovanni are in charge of the dining room whereas the kitchen is managed by Gabriella D’Addetta and chef Francesco Ambrosini who is also the Emilian responsible of the Italian Historic Gastronomy Academy.

Our area is renowned for food products and its excellent cuisine which can boast specialities like the Parmigiano Reggiano, the Parma ham, the Zibello culatello, the Felino salami, the Porcino mushroom, the black pig as well as wines like Lambrusco, Fontana and Malvasia.

Each product come from our territory, grasslands and woods. Our gatherers bring us any kind of fresh mushrooms (Porcini, Prugnoli, Galletti, Ovuli), truffles (in particular the black one), soft fruit and chestnuts.

In particular the Porcino mushroom is the king of our menu. Francesco and Gabriella choose the best ones to create unique dishes, starting from appetizers, starters, soups, second courses and side dishes. As of tradition, they daily prepare the pastry to handling make staffed pasta like anolini, tortelli di patate (egg pasta stuffed with potatoes) and tortelli di erbetta (egg pasta stuffed with herbs).

Amongst our typical desserts there is the “Spongata di Berceto” (a Christmas cake) made with a preparation which takes several months. The mould is made of walnut wood, handling carved from the carpenter of the village. Other special desserts which are very appreciated by the lovers of good food are those made with walnuts like castagnaccio and patona baked with testo, a particular local pan, over walnut leaves.