Everything you can imagine, has already been created by nature

(Albert Einstein)

The ecotourism is not only a recent “new age” trend but a downright view of life for tourism operators as well as for tourists themselves.

The ecological tourism acts in the respect of nature and of local traditions.

Starting from these assumptions, many accommodation facilities of the Taro Valley offer the unmissable occasion of experiencing what could be defined as an “eco-life style”.

To free themselves from every day comforts in order to experience a strong relation with nature, a journey to discover the local genuine food products and traditions: all this is what the Taro Valley can offer thanks to its hospitality and to its almost untouched and slow landscape.

In these places you can relax and spend you freetime plunged into the silence of woods, the magic of mountain sightseeings and the incredible taste of ancient traditional dishes. wants to suggest some of the most meaningful ecotourism experiences of the area:

  • Cycling the Taro Valley: two-wheel itineraries
  • The Bridle way: following our ancestors’ path
  • Teaching farms
  • Camping in the Taro Valley
  • Natural parks: outdoor museums
  • Villages of the Taro Valley: a green bit between history and nature
  • Sports and amusements into the green
  • Itineraries of taste
  • Discovering medieval towns