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Agriturismo La Gerbina

Loc. Gerbina
43050 Valmozzola (PR)
Tel +39 0525 67110
Fax +39 0525 67110
Email [email protected]
Web www.gerbina.com

Agriturismo Molino Le Piane

Loc. Le Piane, 2
43050 Valmozzola (PR)
Tel +39 0525 620031
Mobile + 39 349 7172983
E-Mail [email protected]
Web www.molinolepiane.com

Agriturismo Monte Prinzera

Loc. Piazza di Mezzo, 19
43045 Sivizzano di Fornovo Taro (PR)
Tel. +39 0525 56504
Mobile +39 339 3028235
Fax +39 0525 56504
Web www.agriturismomonteprinzera.it

Azienda Agricola Terra Antica – La casa delle mele

Località Cappella di San Martino, 31
43043 Borgo Val di Taro (PR)
Tel. +39 0525 921179
Mobile +39 348 8259726
E-Mail [email protected]
Web www.terra-antica.it

Agriturismo Le Querciole

Loc. San Pietro
43043 Borgo Val di Taro (PR)
Tel +39 0525 96810
Fax +39 0525 96810
Mobile +39 338 8992569
E-Mail [email protected]
Web www.agriturismo-lequerciole.it

Azienda Agrituristica Il Madone

Loc. Madone
43040 Solignano (PR)
Tel: +39 0525 54220
Fax +39 0525 54220
E-Mail [email protected]
Web www.agriturismo-ilmadone.it

Agriturismo Cacavè

Loc. Cacavè’, 142
43042 Fugazzolo Berceto (PR)
Mobile +39 331 5217941
Email: [email protected]
Web www.agriturismo-cacave.it

Welcome to Cacavè (from “Ca’ Cavè”, or Cavè House), an ideal vacation spot located in the peaceful woods of the Apennine Mountains in the Province of Parma. Cacavè is located only 3 km from the town of Berceto, about 1000 m (3280 feet) above sea level, and offers guests a beautiful panoramic view of the landscape.

The house is an old farmhouse which has been updated to include 3 vacation apartments, each with its own kitchen, bath, television, and independent temperature controls. The house also has a common living room and a reading room.

From the windows, you’ll have a beautiful view of the meadows and valley below the house, as well as part of the Apennine chain to the North-west.

Assisted by the friendly staff and the beauty of the surroundings, you will be re-energized by relaxing days, visits to neighboring towns and attractions, nature walks in the woods around the house, and perhaps for the more athletically inclined, longer hikes long the well marked CAI (Italian Alpine Club) hiking trails in the Parma and Tuscan-Emilian sections of the Apennines. If you want to head off for a day at the beach, the Ligurian Riviera or Versilia in Northern Tuscany are within an hour’s drive.

Whatever excursions you choose, you can look forward to returning to the fresh mountain air of Cacavè in the evening. By the way, bring some warm clothes with you, since Cacavè is at an altitude of 3000ft, nights and mornings can be chilly even in summer.

Agriturismo B&B Mulino dell’Aglio

Via Mulino dell’Aglio n.67
43043 Borgo val di Taro (Parma)
Tel. +39 0525 920064
Fax +39 0525 96631
Web: www.mulinodellaglio.it
E-mail: [email protected]

Agriturismo Cà Bianca

loc. Ostia Parmense, 24 43040 Borgotaro (PR)
tel. 0525 98 213
fax. 0525 98 003
web www.agriturismocabianca.it

Let me introduce myself:
I’m Graziella and together with my husband Mauro and our two children and my parents, we’ve created Ca’Bianca Agritourism.

Now, if you read on, I’ll bore you with some chat…just let me get on with it because I really want to and am proud of what we’ve all made together.

Agriturismo Cà Bianca
Agriturismo Cà Bianca

Our farm is situated in the area of Ostia Parmense at about 400 m above sea level and only 5 km from Valtaro’s main town, Borgotaro. We are on the left of the River Taro where it meets with the Cogena Torrent, one of the best areas for gathering porcini mushrooms and recognised at European level (registered mushroom zone IGP i.e. protected geographical area).

The farm consists of various plots of different types of land with different characteristics. We grow fodder and cereals on our cultivated land, which we then use to feed our saddle horses as well as a variety of farmyard animals. The wheat and maize crops are used to make bread and polenta. We also have many friends who raise all kinds of produce: when our own runs out, we use theirs as our larder.

There is also a large orchard with apples, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, almonds, hazelnuts, figs and persimmons. Chestnuts of excellent quality can be gathered in the many woods belonging to the farm.

Our Agritourism farm has seven completely independent rooms available, each with its own bathroom. One room has facilities for the disabled and there is TV in every room. An equipped games room is available as well as a billiard room, another with satellite TV and a well-stocked library. You won’t be needing any of these though because exploring the Valtaro countryside won’t leave you time. You can go horse riding or walking in the magnificent woods, take trips on mountain-bikes or go canoeing or fishing in the rivers or the many lakes in the area.

For mountain “professionals” or open-air sports people, there are a vast number of signposted CAI ramblers’ tracks that are linked to the “Great Apennine Hikes”. You can also follow the tracks of the Parma Apennines’ Equestrian Way and the Francigena Way, obviously accompanied by Mauro (official ANTE guide for the National Association of Equestrian Tourism).

Last but not least, the food. Everything is based on typical local products, many of which are grown and gathered on the farm itself. We have studied in depth the history and methods for preparing the many unique dishes of excellent quality that this rich land has to offer.

Agriturismo “A Fondega”

Loc.Cerosa, 12
43059 Santa Maria Del Taro – Tornolo
Tel: 0525 80204
Fax: 0525 80204
Web: www.agriturismoafondega.it

The Agriturismo “A Fondega” is composed by eight rustic furnished cosy rooms.

Each room represents a different type of flower and it is a double room with an additional small bed for families. Rooms all have a TV sat and a private bathroom.

The furniture, the floor in terracotta tiles and the thick walls make the environment homely and fresh even during the hottest months of the year.


* Restaurant available by reservation

* Breakfast

* Daily room service

* Tourist information about local attractions and itineraries

* Disabled access

* Heating system

* Children playing areas

* Typical products

The agritourism, thanks to its comfortable and homely rooms, its typical plain cuisine and courtesy will make your holiday special and unforgettable.