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Agriturismo Cà Bianca

loc. Ostia Parmense, 24 43040 Borgotaro (PR)
tel. 0525 98 213
fax. 0525 98 003
web www.agriturismocabianca.it

Let me introduce myself:
I’m Graziella and together with my husband Mauro and our two children and my parents, we’ve created Ca’Bianca Agritourism.

Now, if you read on, I’ll bore you with some chat…just let me get on with it because I really want to and am proud of what we’ve all made together.

Agriturismo Cà Bianca
Agriturismo Cà Bianca

Our farm is situated in the area of Ostia Parmense at about 400 m above sea level and only 5 km from Valtaro’s main town, Borgotaro. We are on the left of the River Taro where it meets with the Cogena Torrent, one of the best areas for gathering porcini mushrooms and recognised at European level (registered mushroom zone IGP i.e. protected geographical area).

The farm consists of various plots of different types of land with different characteristics. We grow fodder and cereals on our cultivated land, which we then use to feed our saddle horses as well as a variety of farmyard animals. The wheat and maize crops are used to make bread and polenta. We also have many friends who raise all kinds of produce: when our own runs out, we use theirs as our larder.

There is also a large orchard with apples, pears, peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, almonds, hazelnuts, figs and persimmons. Chestnuts of excellent quality can be gathered in the many woods belonging to the farm.

Our Agritourism farm has seven completely independent rooms available, each with its own bathroom. One room has facilities for the disabled and there is TV in every room. An equipped games room is available as well as a billiard room, another with satellite TV and a well-stocked library. You won’t be needing any of these though because exploring the Valtaro countryside won’t leave you time. You can go horse riding or walking in the magnificent woods, take trips on mountain-bikes or go canoeing or fishing in the rivers or the many lakes in the area.

For mountain “professionals” or open-air sports people, there are a vast number of signposted CAI ramblers’ tracks that are linked to the “Great Apennine Hikes”. You can also follow the tracks of the Parma Apennines’ Equestrian Way and the Francigena Way, obviously accompanied by Mauro (official ANTE guide for the National Association of Equestrian Tourism).

Last but not least, the food. Everything is based on typical local products, many of which are grown and gathered on the farm itself. We have studied in depth the history and methods for preparing the many unique dishes of excellent quality that this rich land has to offer.

Agriturismo La Costa

Agriturismo “La Costa”
Loc. Caffaraccia 43043 – Borgo Val di Taro (PR)
Tel. +39 0525 96 562 – +39 0525 97 216
Mobile +39 338 76 49 909
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.agriturismo-lacosta.it

The agritourism La Costa is equipped with mini lodgings complete with kitchens.

On request guests can have lunch or dinner with local typical products: tagliatelle with porcino mushrooms, tortelli stuffed with herbs, different sorts of salt cakes (potatoes, herbs and rice), walnut tagliatelle, Castagnaccio (a typical walnut cake) and game meat.

The agritourism has four covered garages and paddocks for horses. Moreover, the farm La Costa bears and sells its own products like vegetables, mutton and castagnaccio.

(Italiano) La Roby Profumi male anche in casa


Esordio amaro quello della Roby Profumi tra le mura amiche del palaraschi. Una gara, sulla carta, alla portata delle ragazze del presidente Delnevo ma che alla fine a visto prevalere l’intensità e fisicità delle ospiti. Una prestazione incolore quella offerta dalla Roby Profumi, che ha palesato ancora gli errori commessi sabato a Bologna.

Troppe le palle perse dalla Roby Profumi nei momenti topici dell’incontro e questo alla fine ha pesato davvero tanto sul risultato finale. Peccato perché per buona parte di gara la Roby Profumi aveva disputato una buona gara ma tutto questo è stato reso vano da un ultimo quarto davvero in colore.

Il primo quarto vede un sostanziale equilibrio sino al 8’, 15 a 13 segna il tabellone del Palaraschi. Continue reading (Italiano) La Roby Profumi male anche in casa