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Monte Bue

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The Monte Bue (literally Ox Mountain) is a peak which is part of the group of the Monte Maggiorasca rising amongst the Val d’Aveto (in the territory of Santo Stefano d’Aveto, Genova), the Val Nure (in the territory of Ferriere, Piacenza) and the Val Ceno (in territory of Bedonia, Parma). This mountain represents the extreme southern limit of the Province of Piacenza and also the second highest point (1775 m sea-level) within the whole area of Piacenza after the Monte Maggiorasca (1804 sea-level).

This is one of the favourite destinations of excursionists as it stands in an area full of pleasant naturalistic attractions like the Lago Nero, the Monte Nero and the Monte Maggiorasca. On its sides there is a bivouac (Bivacco Sacchi), a refuge (Prato Cipolla) and the brief Mazzocchi Railroad.

Monte Bue
Monte Bue

On its peak there is an old ski tow which until 19991 linked the Monte Bue with Rocca d’Aveto and whose ruins were originally an ancient station, an hotel and other facilities. In December 2008 a new ski tow connecting Rocca d’Aveto with the refuge Prato Cipolla (1578 m sea-level) was opened in order to promote the alpine ski in the high Val d’Aveto. Thanks to this important improvement, institutions are planning a new ski tow even in the area of Ferrieri. This initiative which can be seen on [1] is a model of the one presented in 1976. Thanks to its intermediary and crucial position amongst three different provinces, the Monte Bue area is destination for people from Piacenza, Parma and Genova. Apart from exclusionism, the area offers interesting possibilities for sport rock-climbing thanks to its several cliffs characterised by crumbly ophiolite. Just to mention some of the most important ones, there are the cliffs of Rocca del Prete, of the Monte Maggiorasca, of Waiting for Fred and of the Dente delle Ali.

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