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Tolasudolsa – Rooms & Breakfast

Località Sambuceto 208
Mobile + 39 339 3870031
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: www.roomsbreakfastmtb.it

Trattoria Solari

Loc. Cereseto, 35
43053 Compiano (PR)
Tel +39 0525 824895 – +39 0525 824801
Email [email protected]
Web www.trattoriasolari.it

Castello di Compiano – Hotel Museum Relais

Via Marco Rossi Sidoli, 15
43053 Compiano (PR)
Tel. +39 0525 825541
Email: [email protected]
Web www.castellodicompiano.com

The castle has exclusive, classically styled rooms fitted with all modern comforts, allowing guests to relax in the castle’s luxurious green gardens, surrounded by history and culture.

Its multi-purpose and various capacity areas, the quality and variety of catering services and, last but not least, the highly qualified staff contribute to the positive outcome of meetings, exhibitions, weddings and company gatherings which are held in Compiano Castle.

A chapel is available for religious ceremonies, a perfect frame for a wedding day in a spellbinding environment.

B&B Ca’ del Duca

Loc. Barbigarezza, 2
43053 Compiano (PR)
Tel/Fax. +39 0525 825254
Mobile +39 333 3065585
E-Mail [email protected]
Web ww.bedandbreakfastcadelduca.it

B&B Il Casale di Sambuceto

Il Casale di Sambuceto
Country House B&B
Str. Sambuceto, 198
43053 Compiano – Parma
Mobile. 335 62 71 015
Tel. 0525 82 46 53

Reliable historical news attest that this rural home was an ancient customs house. Although it was not located on the border of the state, its position was an in-between junction near the Passo della Colla which people and goods passed through to elude the two main centres of the Landi State: Compiano and Bardi. Its function as customs ended in 1684 when the Landi State was annexed by the Farnese family.

In a quiet, untouched place surrounded by an undoubtedly evocative green landscape at an altitude of 850 metres, Alvaro and Barbara have given new life to this entirely stone-made rural home. Here guests can have relax, feel free, find tranquillity and enjoy a swimming pool with solarium in a unique position facing a wonderful valley. Moreover, the garden is a place for “meditation” and “inspiration”.

Thanks to its strategic geographic position, guests can easily and shortly reach the Castle of Compiano, the Fortress of Bardi, the Cinque Terre, Chiavari and Sestri Levante – respectively through the Passo del Bocco and the Passo di Cento Croci which offer noteworthy experience especially for motorcyclists.

It takes only few minutes by car or by foot to reach the Monte Pelpi (1550 m sea-level) which offer a breathtaking 360° sightseeing and it is full of a wide range of trees and flowers. All these aspects contribute making this place unique for unforgettable “naturalistic” emotions.

Unmissable events

In summer, the Taro Valley offers a wide range of interesting events starting from village festivals, to food fairs, to sports and cultural events.

In fall the real protagonists are local food products like the well-known Porcino mushroom, chestnuts and over the last few years even chocolate has become an attraction for local festivals.

In winter and particularly during the Christmas time, local villages are often crowded because of their picturesque Christmas street markets. A downright attraction is also Carnival with its parades and events in local clubs.

On the arrival of spring not only the Rally of the Taro Valley but many other events forecast the arrival of summer.

Hereafter some events which yearly take place in the villages of the Taro Valley:


June: traditional Saint John’s tortellata in Boschetto

August: Pyjamas party

15th August: Assumption’s Day Celebrations

September: Porcino mushroom fair


Shrove Tuesday: Carnival parade along the village streets

April: Rally of the Taro Valley

June: Marathon race of the High Taro Valley

Motorcycle rally in memory of Enrico Lusardi

2nd weekend of July: Saint Mark’s Virgin Celebrations

August: Trote fest

Regional final selection of Miss Italia

October: Autunnando di Valle in Valle

November: Cioccolataro


16th August: Saint Roch fair

29th August: Madonna della Guardia

11th September: Our Lady of Graces


Carnival events: Carnival float parade along the streets

February: Festa degli Amor e degli Amori

May: Prugnolo mushroom festival

WWF Ghirardi Oasis’ Day

September: Porcino mushroom fair

October: Chestnut fair


July: Our Lady of  the Taro river

August: Street artists’ Festival

Mid-August concert

16th August: Saint Roch fest

September: Saint Terenziano’s fair

PEN Club Literary contest


July-August: “Fornovo in fiera”