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Sport and Fun

Equitazione presso il maneggio di Borgo Val di Taro
Trial and horse-riding races

The Taro Valley is famous not only for its food products and breathtaking landscapes, but also because of its numerous sports activites which can be done both in the summer and winter.

Amongst the most important outdoor sports, there is kayak, game fishing, climbing, bouldering, horse-riding, trekking not to mention the various bycicle, horse-riding paths as well as panoramic routes for motocyclists.

Moreover, there are many sports facilities like swimming pools, sports centres, football pitches, tennis and volleyball courts where it is possible to play both team and single sports.
There are many paths and itineraries to take long walks in harness with nature and maybe stop over one of the numerous agritourisms or restaurants.

The Taro Valley also hosts important sports events like the Rally della Val Taro, the Maratonina dell’Alta Val Taro, trial and horse-riding races, etc…