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B&B La Pineta

Bed & Breakfast “La Pineta”
loc. Case Mazzetta, 419 – 43051 Albareto (PR)
Tel . 392 73 11 856 – 392 26 06201
Email: in[email protected]
Web: www.beblapineta.it

The B&B “La Pineta” has got 3 rooms (2 triple rooms and 1 double room), all of them having a panoramic view and TV on demand. The bathroom is fitted with baby-changing tables. In the living room people can relax and read newspapers and magazines,. Moreover there is also a wide area where children can play.

Outdoor there is a wide amusement park and a poultry park where miniature rabbits run freely. In the pinewood, there is the possibility to use our barbecue for outdoors grills.

There is an unattended car park. If people want to visit the beautiful places and paths of the high Taro Valley, they can have maps and calendars of the local events. Moreover we organise excursions with expert guides in the woods and paths of the area.
Guests can also use our mail service.