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B&B La Vecchia Quercia

Strada Spagnano, 29
43045 Fornovo Taro (PR)
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Agriturismo Monte Prinzera

Loc. Piazza di Mezzo, 19
43045 Sivizzano di Fornovo Taro (PR)
Tel. +39 0525 56504
Mobile +39 339 3028235
Fax +39 0525 56504
Web www.agriturismomonteprinzera.it

Places in the Taro Valley

Thanks to its naturalistic characteristics and its strategic geographical position, the Taro Valley can be deservedly considered one of the various tourist attractions of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Its short distance with the Ligurian Riviera (less than a hour from Bedonia) and with cities like La Spezia and Parma plays a crucial role both from the economic and tourist point of view. Moreover, the valley is a rural area charcterised by a mountain landscape with peaks that reach even 1810 m like the Monte Maggiorasca, rivers and streams, woods of beech trees, oaks and pines, etc…

In short, the valley presents a landscaspe typical of Apennines areas rich in a luxuriant vegetation and a variegated fauna composed by squirrels, foxes, wild boars, etc…

Monte Penna
Monte Penna

The Taro river (135 km) is an important element of the valley. With its torrential course and its still uncontaminated water, it is surely one of the main attractions of the area. Along its course, it is possible to watch grey herons, night-herons, egrets and sometimes even red herons. The river’s water also hosts the rare fario trout which is very tasty .

Various parks have been founded to safeguard the local naturalistic beauties. For example there is the Parco Taro, which ranges from Ponte Taro to Fornovo, the Riserva Regionale dei Ghirardi, whose surface is part of Albareto and Borgo Val di Taro, the Riserva Regionale Monte Prinzera (736 m) and the Foresta del Monte Penna (1735 m).

Also the villages of the Taro Valley are full of varied attractions, in fact even the most remote hamlet can offer beauties which are worth being visited.

The most important areas of the valley:

  • Albareto
  • Bedonia
  • Berceto
  • Borgo Val di Taro
  • Compiano
  • Fornovo
  • Solignano
  • Terenzo
  • Tornolo
  • Valmozzola